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Ken Franklin Ukulele

Welcome to Ken Franklin Ukulele. I updated my instrument site in the spring of 2020 to make it easier for you to see my latest ukuleles and guitars. Hopefully I'll update it more often now but it's hard to get me out of the shop. 


I get great pleasure building instruments that sound inviting, inspire creativity, have easy playability and are made to last with proper care. I welcome feedback that helps me make the next instrument even better than the last.

I'm focusing more on ukuleles lately but I'll have some guitar pages too. Some instruments are for sale and others have found homes already. If you're interested in a custom build, go to my contact page and we can start creating something special for you.

Here's my good friend Janet Lenore doing Freight Train on her well-loved Ken Franklin tenor, Violet.

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Check out my latest shop page for the 8 String Short Scale Small Guitar that I created for baroque musician Fabrice Medio.

Bach Prelude in Dm for Cello
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"Ken Franklin consistently produces and innovates very elegant ukuleles in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; their clear, balanced tone and excellent projection make them ideal for fingerstyle players and strummers alike."  

Alex de Grassi

Click on the photos below to find pages with sound samples.

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