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Alex's Baritenor

When I first completed this instrument it was supposed to be a baritone. The body is ample and the scale length longer than most tenor ukuleles. I had chosen a 19 inch scale length but that turned out to be problematical in terms of finding strings that would give me the voice I was looking for. The ukulele didn't seem to have tonal qualities similar to other ukuleles I have made. (You may have read my impressions of this ukulele on a previous page of this website.) I was never really satisfied with what I was hearing. So one day I decided to string this baritone up as a low G tenor. That changed everything. This baritenor now has a powerful voice with plenty of sustain and a box which gets the most out of that low G. I asked local guitar legend Alex de Grassi if he could help me with some sound samples and this was his favorite of several ukuleles he played.

The curly white oak body is unusually beautiful and the red spruce top has plenty of headroom. There's an incense cedar neck with an ebony fretboard and bridge. The tuners are Gotoh 510 mini's which seem well-balanced for this larger ukulele and provide smooth, dependable 18:1 tuning. The binding is ebony and the finish is a polyurethane satin oil varnish. 

Here's Alex playing the Baritenor Waltz he composed for this instrument. 

All compositions and arrangements by Alex de Grassi, published by Tropo Music (BMI)

© & ℗ 2021 Tropo Records

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