I know I'll do some things differently next time since this is my first baritone. First of all I'll change the scale length. This is 19 inches which is easy to play but a little harder to come up with a set of strings that give me the tone I'm listening for. I settled on a mixed set of Worth Clear .0291 and .0358 and GHS wound Winter Silver .031 and .037. It has to be easier to find a set for a 20 inch scale that I like. Maybe some baritone players will email me suggestions.

I've often felt that baritone ukuleles occupy a netherland of acoustic space between guitars and tenor ukuleles. I don't think a deep box helps that. Though many folks are drawn to that sound I was looking for something more refined and versatile.  This one sounds a little tubby to me. I think it should be a little slimmer. That said it could easily be the ukulele that blues guitarists gravitate toward. It takes you to the backwoods. Haven't tried a slide on it but it might be nice.

I think the white oak body and red spruce top help in that regard. There's an incense cedar neck with ebony fretboard and bridge. The tuners are Gotoh 510 mini's which seem fairly well-balanced and provide smooth, dependable 18:1 tuning. The binding is ebony and the finish is a polyurethane satin oil varnish. $3200 + tax.