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I'm always working to make a better ukulele. There are some elements of the design that I usually keep on every ukulele so that I have an idea of what new modifications have caused. Sometimes I'm looking for a stronger voice that will hold up under aggressive strumming. Sometimes I'm looking to see what any subtle changes to the bracing will create. Often I'm looking to see what combinations of tone woods will do to the voice of my ukuleles. But it's hard for me to take a purely scientific approach to experimentation mostly because life's too short for me to try to control just one variable at a time. I don't think I could make two identical instruments if I wanted to anyway, which I don't. I'd like every ukulele I make to have its own personality. Kamala has that.

With Macassar ebony back and sides Kamala is a little heavier than many of my ukuleles but without the damping often associated with ebonies. After experimenting with different strings this has developed into a very articulate instrument. Real presence to every note without the edge it had initially and it doesn't fall apart when strumming. 

Some other specs: obeche neck, ebony bindings, fingerboard and bridge, aluminum fret markers, Gotoh UPT 4:1 tuners with ebony buttons, side grained wood rosette, bone nut and saddle. $2900 Out of Stock

Here's Alex de Grassi with his arrangement of that old time favorite, Shady Grove.

All compositions and arrangements by Alex de Grassi, published by Tropo Music (BMI)

© & ℗ 2021 Tropo Records

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