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SF Acacia

I went on a trip with my brother Roger to San Francisco a few years ago. Seems a nephew of his had an acacia tree in their backyard that had to come down. They were wondering if I wanted some of the wood. If you're not familiar with it, acacia is the same species as Australian blackwood which is also a cousin to koa. As we drove through the neighborhood it didn't seem like there could possibly be a tree of any size in the area because we hadn't seen much of anything on the streets. But sure enough there was a downed acacia in the backyard and a much larger one still standing. All we had to do was cut out some sections, quarter them and carry the pieces through the house. Piece of cake.

What we came away with ended up being some beautifully colored wood. While it doesn't have the curly figure often associated with acacia wood, it has a striking pattern of ray flecks and some lovely sapwood. It's also quite resonant. I usually prefer the tone of softwoods but I knew at some point I should build a ukulele with a hardwood top. I'm glad I did. While this SF Acacia ukulele does favor the fundamentals, there is still a richness and sustain in its voice. 

The bindings, fretboard and bridge are all ebony. The fret markers are Gonçalo alves with aluminum. The neck is Honduran mahogany. Frets are Evo Gold. Tuners are open back Gotohs with adjustable post height and 14:1 ratio. Ukulele Site sound clip  Out of Stock

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