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Here's a recent build, Dave. It's named for a friend in Missouri who cut down a black walnut tree for me over forty years ago. I didn't know it at the time but this black walnut, which I used for the back and sides, taps more like a rosewood than walnut.


So while it doesn't have dramatic figure it more than makes up for it in the sonic department adding to the overall shimmer and sustain of this unique tenor ukulele.

Dave has no sound hole but there are three sound ports. I was aiming for a ukulele with a more piano like tone. The tight grained incense cedar top is the biggest contributor in that regard. I minimized the bracing in the upper bout since there was little need for braces that reinforce a sound hole.

The black palm fingerboard is elevated to allow the entire top to resonate more freely. The fingerboard extension is designed and reinforced in such a way as to minimize flex. The Khaya neck is attached with a bolt and threaded insert that also anchors the strap button.

I wanted to vary the size and placement of the sound ports so the sides are doubled. The cutaway gives easier access to the upper frets and tapers to match the heel.

The black palm bindings include a beveled armrest for comfort.

The scale length is 18 inches for added power. There is a clear pick guard. Tuners are 14:1 Gotoh SGi 510s sized specifically for ukuleles.


The Evo Gold frets on the 20 inch radiused fretboard have rounded and polished ends. Strings are Oasis bright fluorocarbons with a GHS .029 winter sliver low G. Ukulele Site Demo at 50:30 $3995 Sold

"I’m writing to tell just how pleased I am with my purchase. What a beautiful and complex tone, unlike any other ukulele I own. It’s so comfortable and rewarding to play that I can scarcely put it down."
                                                                                                                                            Avrim Katzman
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