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I finally got around to using some beautiful curly Honduran mahogany that a friend of mine, Philip Davidson, had gifted to me after sharing insights into ukulele construction. Philip has become and accomplished builder in his own right. Why had it taken so long to use it? This stuff is gorgeous. And with an Arm-R-Seal penetrating oil finish it's at its best. It just sparkles. The curl covers the entire back. 

I paired it with a uniquely resonant incense cedar top that supports a beautiful sweetness. The rosette tiles have several woods that accentuate the beauty of the this tenor. It's a warm and friendly instrument with some pizzaz. Here's Neal Chin with a sound sample from The Ukulele Site.


Here are the specs. 

P2 tenor body

Custom wood tiled rosette and fret markers

Incense cedar top

Curly Honduran mahogany headplate, back and sides 

Ebony bindings with birch and black wood purfling

20 inch radiused ebony fretboard and string-through bridge

Dual bolt-on Honduran mahogany neck with integrated strap button

Oval sound port with birch and black wood purfling

Hand carved laminated poplar linings

Semi-gloss penetrating oil varnish finish 

Clear pick guard

17 inch scale 

Evo gold frets with polished rounded fret ends

Aluminum side position markers

1 1/2 inch bone nut

1 5/8 inch string spacing on an intonated bone saddle

Gotoh SGi510 cosmo black 16:1 ukulele tuners with ebony buttons

Worth BT strings with Oasis .031” round wound low G

Hard case

$3500 Sold 


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