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Marcy Marxer

Hi Ken,


Your ukulele arrived today! This is the first bonding.  

This ukulele is absolutely perfect! It plays so easily!

The sound is sweet with plenty of fullness.  It’s beautifully balanced. It’s easy to play with expression.

I love it!




Autumn Leaves Marcy Marxer
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This Ken Franklin tenor ukulele for Marcy Marxer has an Alaskan yellow cedar top with myrtle back and sides. The neck is also Alaskan yellow cedar with an ebony fretboard. The markers are a grayish black and white ebony.  The strap button is also part of the bolt-on neck attachment. The twelve hole bridge is ebony with a bone saddle. The linings are hand carved laminated solid poplar. The bindings are macassar ebony. It also has a K&K Aloha Twin pickup installed. Here are Marcy and Cathy playing

The Franklin Tango.

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