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Lua Pele

Tim Farrell is best known for his fingerstyle acoustic guitar compositions but he was looking to add variety to some of his concerts. So he asked me if I had a sweet sounding ukulele that might fill the bill.


Lua Pele has the voice he was looking for. She has ziricote back and sides, a Lutz spruce top, Honduran mahogany neck and an ebony bridge and fingerboard. If you're not familiar with Lutz spruce it is a cross between Sitka and white spruce that naturally hybridizes in British Columbia and southern Alaska. It supports a warm balanced tone.

The tuners are Gotoh Stealths that I modified to fit this ukulele. At the time slot head Stealths were not available so I drilled out the rollers, shortened the posts and swapped the standard plastic buttons for ebony ones. You can get slot head Stealths now but you couldn't in 2014.

Here's Tim playing a medley of Winter Wonderland and Jingle Bells on Lua Pele.

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