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What They Said

This ukulele is absolutely perfect!  It plays so easily! The sound is sweet with plenty of fullness.  It’s beautifully balanced. It’s easy to play with expression. I love it!

Marcy Marxer

What a beautiful and unique instrument!  I was looking for a different kind of acoustic, an instrument that had more of the balanced tone of a fine classical. Ken created an instrument that fits that description, with absolutely flawless workmanship, beautiful French polish finish, and excellent playability.

David Pritchard

Every bubinga guitar I have had has been wonderful and this gorgeous SJ from Ken is no exception. Its a very versatile guitar with beautiful 'fat' and well defined bass, expansive mids and bright, clear trebles. Its very expressive with fantastic balance and projection, responding beautifully to the pick and fingerstyle.

Trevor Moyle

As a fingerstyle jazz guitarist my needs are often different from many flattop players. I like lush harmonics like everyone else, but they need to be supported by a strong fundamental. Each voice has to remain distinct. Ken’s guitars possess this crucial balance. They also have an evenness and responsiveness that makes you feel comfortable playing anywhere on the neck. The A string sustains equally on the tenth and third fret. I’m often playing endless closed position chords, which doesn’t always work on a flattop. Ken’s guitars love it, while still keeping their open chord mojo.

Mike Wollenberg

While I'm not a guitar collector, I did buy two guitars this year. The one I take greatest delight in was made by my good friend Ken Franklin who in the last several years has become a remarkable luthier.

Sheridan Malone 

I'm blessed to have one of Ken's first axes. Lucky #7, in fact....Every fraction of this instrument was intentional and it boasts an avalanche of unmatched sonic bliss.

Dan Franklin 

I subscribe to Acoustic Guitar magazine.  I used to turn the pages and make a mental wishlist of all the amazing guitars I wanted to own. Now I just look at the pictures and think "I can top that!"

Stephen Goldman, NC

Well, it’s been 3 days and the new guitar hasn’t had more than a few hours of rest at a time.  This guitar is the best sounding, easiest to play instrument I’ve ever put my hands on.      

 Jack Stick, TX

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