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There are a few woods classified as true satinwoods and some woods are just marketed by wood merchants as satinwood. I've used three of those different woods here to create a tenor with a limited color palette. I find that visually appealing for some ukuleles. If this tenor looks a little yellow to you, you might want to move on. But if it seems golden then that's what I was going for.

All of the hardwoods here have a chatoyance that show depth and beauty as you move the instrument around which unfortunately doesn't show up in the still photos. You'll have to just imagine that. The back and sides along with the headplates come from a set of movingui, sometimes called African satinwood, that I've had for over a decade. It's a little softer than true satinwoods. There are wide dramatic curls in the waterfall figure and a strong tonal response. The bindings and the inner layer of the double sides are yellowheart, often called Brazilian satinwood. It's in the same family as true satinwoods and is almost as dense. The fingerboard and string through bridge are the only true satinwood, Ceylon satinwood. It's quite dense, as dense as some ebonies. The figure is delicate and begs to be touched.

The top and the neck are fine grained Alaskan yellow cedar which produces a clear ringing tone with ample sustain. The radial side-grained wood rosette is predominantly movingui and yellowheart with some thin maple lines. Linings are hand carved laminated maple. Nut and saddle are unbleached bone. The gold UPTL tuners have 510 mini gold buttons. The brass strap buttom at the heel also anchors the neck. The head and back plates are movingui. Side position markers are copper. Frets are Evo gold with rounded polished ends, probably the last Evo fretwire I'll get since it's been discontinued by Jescar. I hope they come up with an alternative since the other gold fretwire options are quite soft. The strings are PHDs with an Oasis smoothwound low G.

This Ken Franklin Satinwood tenor recently sold at The Ukulele Site. Here is a YouTube Sound Sample.

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